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Lily and butterfly

User : yully
Submitted on : Feb 9, 2012
Just as a labyrinth
Heat stirs my mind
Reasoning obscured by shimmering haze
Leads a butterfly to untimely snow
Lily flower blooming with fragrance
Whiter than my own wings
Purer than spring water
Makes me blush for all her clearness

Vivid but tenderly innocent
The scent rouses a doubt
Whether she is just an illusion
That my heatstroke mind has caused
Her purity raises a fear
That she may melt in heat of sun
So I hesitate to touch her
Though wishing for an affectionate dance

Pistil glows in sunlight
Almost seizes and melts me
Waiting for salute of stamen destined
I know you and I can't be together
At least I respond to your wish
All I want is your pleasure
I join stigma and anther
Hearing your gratitude

I soak myself into your nectar
To wash away this momentary memory
And wake up from a fragile illusion
Calming my heatstroke mind
Indulging myself in your lusciously pure scent
I regard today as just a dream
In which I've been carried away
I regard you as just an illusion
That has left me in this maze of heat


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