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I want you back

User : Nhiecole
Submitted on : Jan 9, 2010
I didnt know why I broke up with you, maybe because Im too scared that everyone would know. Now that you found a new girl that can give you what you want i guess i really lose you. And now I can tell you how much I love you but i know its too late coz you already love someone. Everytime I saw you with her, I feel really devastated. I really want you back. When I saw you in class, I wanted to talk to you but Im too shy to tell you how i really feels about you. Each night I can't stop thinking about you. I always imagine if we were still together, I will do everything to make both of us happy. Every when i woke up,your the first thing that will come into my mind. All I wish is to be with you but you wont give it a chance. I really feel miserable, lonely and lifeless without you. I want you back please give me a second chance, We can work things out. I miss you John, I really love you. And now I can tell that when you lose the one you love, you will realize how much you love him.


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