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How I feel

Submitted on : May 2, 2012
Hey, pretty girl
With those beautiful brown eyes.
Come, please enter my world
I'll be forever at your side.

Loving you isnt whats supposed to happen,
But its something that my heart decided.
Thats what makes love perfect;
The freedom of wanting to fight it.

I dont know why I love you,
Theres just so much to say.
One thing I for sure know though,
Is that im here for you any day.

I love the way you smile,
So bright and warm and sweet.
I love the way you talk,
Like ice cream to a 6 year old, hearing you is quite a treat.

Its just the kind of thing,
Where I wish you were my girl.
Its just the kind of thing,
That without you there is no world.

Your a part of something other than me,
Boy do I know that now.
Your something that doesnt quite include me,
Something I cant help but will have to seal.

Ive liked you for a while now,
Its just gone undetected until now.
Ive liked you since that very day
That my heart began to sound.

I love everything about you,
The way you walk and talk and act.
Theres nothing I can resist about you,
And I enjoy saying that.

Now its time for me to go,
The year is almost up.
I just had to let this out,
Let this out to my one true love. <3

~Kaitlyne Parrish

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