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How Can I deal?

User : Nikki
Submitted on : Mar 16, 2010
I just sit here
want these tears
to fall from my eyes,
this broken heart
cant take no more
I feel the pain
running through my veins,
how can I deal?

You were the best of me
and Im lost without you
I'll never have what
I was looking for in you
I had it,but now I lost it.

The smile on your face
was the thing that got me
through each and every day,

Days without you here
By my side as a friend
Is the worst feeling

I dont think I can
go a day without seeing you,
When you're here
I dont think I can
I dont think I can
survive this,high school
without you

When youre not there
it's so empty and cold
I feel so lost and alone
And all these feelings
come seeping in
How can I deal?

I'm lost without you
youre all I need
youre all I want

When I see your smiling face
light up this room
I cant help but smile too
You glow like the sun
on a hot summer day

When I hear your voice
it's music in my ears
It's so comforting
And makes me feel
like Im not alone

When you look at me
I feel you can see
right through me
you can feel
what I feel
when I look into those eyes
I find comfort in you
comfort that I've never
felt before

When I look to those eyes
I feel your trying to tell me
"Everythings going to be okay"

Without you hear how I can I deal
Please don't leave
I need you here
with me
I can't survive this
without you


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