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different worlds

User : Jhoms n.
Submitted on : Aug 17, 2009
ever since the day you caught my eyes;
i never slept without a smile,
whenever i picture your lovely face through my mind
i can't help but think that you were mine..

but it's not as simple as i think i could;
you're like a jewel while i am just a wood..
how could a guy like me end up with with a girl like you?
why the hell there were rich and poor..

now can someone tell me how can i be with you..
i don't have the 'looks' to attract you..
i don't have much money to treat you..
i don't have the talent to impress you..
i don't have 'wheels' to fetch you..
i don't even have the guts to approach you..

it feels like you will never be mine..

we are on the same planet, but we live on different worlds..

a thousand miles apart..

but still i hope the time will come..
for me to have the courage to talk with you at once;

for now i just admire in silence, and admire you in my dreams..
and love you from a distance waiting for a chance..
to cross the worlds between us,

those different worlds that keep repeling me from you..

~Jhoms n.

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