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User : colin
Submitted on : Mar 16, 2013
Millions of seed's,
I'll plant your need's,
One by one you will see,
I'll nuture your field of dream's,
Acre's of daisie's it will be,
Yellow & white as far as eye's could see,
Heaven's perfume you'll beleave,
Become'ing weak at the knee's,
Love you will receive,
Granting your fantacie's,
Tonight you'll be pleased,
On a bed of daisie's,
You'll sleep peacefully,
Pure harmony,
Your field's of dream's,
Amonst the blanket of flower's,
As the daisie's were gathered,
Flowers you will be showered,
Emotions will be over powered,
You'll be my flower,
Princess in the tower,
Looking over a ocean of daisie's,
Every fantacy will become reality.
Colin Bradley.


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