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a soldiers gift

Submitted on : Jul 27, 2011
To my beloved baby:

More than a 1000 miles
One ocean away
That is how far i am from you everyday.

Baby i know its hard, and we miss each other so
When i finally get to hold you i never want to let go

But i understand that you leaving each time is a must, making our love grow stronger is something that i trust

Cuz baby this is real
And when i tell you i love you ib google, its really how i feel

I want you to know that i am proud of you for everything you do, you make me want to be a better person and strive harder too

Your the reason why im working two jobs and doing good in school,
Im using your love as a motivation tool <3

Cuz im doing this for us kyle
So we can have a better life
A life where i can proudly say,
I am kyle andrew conkel's lucky loving wife <3

~kyles angel

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