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10 years ago

i m a catholic girl and bf is a Muslim guy i do every thing to what ever he like before starting our relation our shared with him everything but since thou we fight a lot then in Angriness and own attitude we don't call and talk with each other but both of them loe each other a lot cant stay with out him.i don't want to leave him bcoz he is that person who changed me a lot and my name support me give advise.but some time even after doing also he feel i m doing wrong with him

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  • Pav
    10 years ago

    Being in love is such a great gift.

    My advice for you is if u r less then in your teens, try to avoid inter caste love, its very hard get success in that. Lots of fights lots of cries.. at the end do you really feel its worthy? evven after marraige u guys might fight...think abt ur children will they have to grow in a family of fights?

    during a break up, its common to feel... "i cant live without him" " i cant imagine my life with out him" but belive me you can live without him and u can be more happy with out him. (i had gone through similar type of relationship,when i was 19, now i am 23 and now we broke up,long time ago,it was very hard cried a lot , but slowly time healed everything we are very happy that we broke up for good. we both are separately very happy in our lives).

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