what should i do now???

10 years ago

i was in love with a girl so deeply n madly... she too loved me so madly that she can neva bear even if an ant bites me.. then we started to fight for even silly things.... i'm too light hearted...can't bear anything....
to be frank enough i'm was cancer patient who went to germany n got treatment to live a happy life with her... i'm just 19 now... she's one year younger than me... our life was just full of fights.... no love nothing... but stilll i couldn't even think bad abt her since i thought her as my mother...as i don have my mother... i used to call her too in the same way when i long for my mom's love n care... but still she was flirting with guys even in front of me... i just stayed calm as i dun want to hurt her in any ways... nut one day,iwent to her city n we went to a mall together... suddenly she got a call frm some guy... she said she've to leave to urgently to her house as her mother is calling her.... left me in the mall just like that... i don know where should i go to board the bus even.... i just walked 8kms with eyes full of tears... only then i thought,y should i still be hanging for her,when she never deserves such a purest form of love.....
then day n nyt i thought abt this... cried aloud... n started to come away frm her... told her diectly that i don need her.. n now she too staying away frm me... but my stupid heart is still suffering to throw her completely away from my life.... i thought my mother have appeared in her soul to keep me happy..... tell me what should i do now????

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  • 10 years ago

    things were moving too fast and he got ascred. Well he was the one who came back with me when I drove 500 miles to see him. My point is if you can figure it out is: Don't move there or tell her you want to or even tell her you love her if you don't mean it! Karma is a bitch and I feel pitty for all the men who do good women wrong guess that is why there are so many hatefull bitches in this world because men mess up the heads of the good women and well they just turn into the run of the mill evil she devils that were already pleagueing the earth. Hey guys keep it up and eventually WE will ALL be cold hearted because of your lies!

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