What Do I do?

11 years ago

Hi I'm Niomie. I've recently fallen for this guy who's a Senior and I'm a freshman. I saw him when I was in 8th grade and was immensely attracted to him. Then, last year when i started high school, a few months later we started to get to know each other. And we'd flirt and laugh and talk. I noticed how cool he is and how easy it was to be happy around him. I get sad when he's not there and my day is crushed when he isn't there for a long time. I don't see him except in the hallway and when we sit together at lunch. Sometimes we see each other in the hallways. And we hug and talk. He's very handsome and very nice and sweet. Very Athletic. There are these 2 girls and they are really pretty. Some say we look alike in some ways. We're all thick and light skinned, and long hair (one wears weave). The prettiest one knows all of the guys at the table. I only know 2 and only 2 seems to like me on that level. But the prettiest one seems to like him too, but she doesn't really like me though. We'll say hi and all, but other than that she doesn't like me that much. Recently I've noticed how little time we have together before he graduates. I want to add him on FB but i'm afraid he won't add me back. I want to get his # but i don't know how to ask him for that, because I'm scared of getting rejected. So should I get closer to him? another thing is I want to try out for the volleyball team or the dance team. I don't know if I can dance and I've only plaid volleyball on the Kinect. SO some pointers on that too? Thanks <333

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" If he deserved you he would have stayed with you. If he didn't stay with you then you are too good for him. "

- Stephen Daniels» Love Quotes

Love Poem - The Maple Tree

Author: Ashley Ng★★★
Under the Maple Tree,
We play together,
When we are very young,
During Spring,
When the Maple Tree is blooming, ...(Cont.)