the love is still unknown

12 years ago

MY secret LOve:
i'm only 18 years old and i fall in love with a boy...this boy is my friend...i've being his friend since i was 17years old...but this year,i fall in love with him but i don't know his feeling toward me......
he always spend time with me...and know how to make me smile...but still i don't know how to tell him that i love him....i'm afraid if he will not accept me if i tell him the truth.

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  • Jun
    12 years ago

    Its alright since the one you like seems to be lose to you
    and since he knows how to make you smile then he would certainly also
    know how you would felt if he makes you sad, and he would certainly
    blame himself for making you cry,
    It would be best if you'd tell your feelings for him
    and if you'r rejected, its not like he'll hate you
    you could find other fish's in the sea

  • 8 years ago

    Just Talk To Him Privately He Will Show His Emotions Never Keep Quiet On The Person U Love

  • 8 years ago

    If u luv him/her so much then plz let him/her knw abt it.. dnt think whether he will accept u or not just tell whatever is der in ur mind.. If he/she is ur future then no one can seperate ull... well i would just say all the best to ull..

    With lots of love

    ur good wisher

  • Amy
    8 years ago

    Well hun u chose to love, and now its your turn to take the risk, if ur scared of the rejection part then jus get to know him more before you make the move!!! Hope this helps :)

" Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one. "

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Your naked skin like silk to my rough,
ungrateful hands
Your perfect bones unbreakable, mine
distorted and severed
Your pretty little soul is crying tonight ...(Cont.)