Strange Love

10 years ago

On the first day of admission to my school i saw a girl and i really fell in love with her..... I am a less talkative type...I got admission to the same school ...few weeks after getting admission i saw her for the second time...At that type i was totally leading a bored life in my school, at the moment i saw her i made my mind to believe that she is my love.... ..That was the starting , From that day onwards i used to see her at least once a day .But after few months i came to hear something bad about her frm my frnds.. That she was in love with someone.... and he left her bcos her charector is not good ...also her main frnds are boys..... I believed myself that These are all wrong gossips ... and I again started to see her.... At some day she realised that i am in love with her. At first she avoided me ...But Now she is also in love with me.... ..But we didnt share these things each other and with anyanyone..... Last week I shared it with my 5Best frnds and they also said me that my selection id bad..So i stoped to see her... But i could see that she is following me at every place i go in the school.. i TRIED TO AVOID HER COMPLETELY but She was not......Now what shud i do ???????? This is a strange story of unexpressed love..... we only talked and shared our love with eyes

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Love Poem - Waves In Your Hair

Author: Tina★★★
I really like those brown curls.Those short
swirls and tangled twirls. The eyes that laid
just below,the windows where emotions
show.The nose that sat and the lips that
spoke, the voice that told the voice that ...(Cont.)