Second Crush

10 years ago

I'm crushing on someone or I fancy him. But my friend had a crush on him first. They were closer friends than I am. I wanted him to notice me or be close to me as a friend only as much as he is close to my friend. I wanted an advice to be closer to him or to notice me.

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  • pav
    10 years ago

    if you have crush.... dont take it seriously because after some time or some days it will melt like an ice cube . but if u want to be closer ... u must be carefull or u will hurt urself each time he talks to ur friend.... my advice dont get too close to him (because he as a close friend already). Be good friends with him....if he likes you more...he will come to you for sure.

  • 10 years ago

    Thanks for the advice!!! It'll help me a lot.

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