plz dosto kuch to kaho.

11 years ago

5 years ago when i was in school . i was liking a girl and she was my classmate. but after some time m falls in love with her. but not daring to tell her and my frnds knows about me.but one day when i dare to purpose her ,she shouting on me before i said anything to her and she said to me don't talk with me in future.after some day sshe leaves the schools. and gone out my reach. but after two year i founds her on orkut . i try to contact her but she ignoring me and also ignores till now.plztell me how can i say s i love her very much .i can't leave without i convince her i love u.
PLz Dosto kuch to kaho..........i Begg u plz show me the way.

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" If you love truly you will die daily... "

- Subash» Love Quotes

Love Poem - I Don't Care About...

Author: Alse★★★★
I don't care about snow and rain,
I don't feel any cold or hot.
I don't care about burn and pain
I am strong when you are in my heart
When I'm suddenly sad, I don't cry, ...(Cont.)