Please Help Me. I like this guy...READ ON..

11 years ago

I like this guy who I've known for 4 years and we've been friends the whole time. A couple years ago I started to have feelings for him(<3!!!!). My friends kept on saying that either A, I've lost my mind, or B, to just do it. It's been a year now since we last saw each other and I still love him. We both now go to public school(which any public school was bigger than ours since it only had 25 kids in it from Pre-K to 12th grade). My new friends now are saying to just ask him out already, but I'm way to shy to ask him. So in general what I'm trying to say is, Should I ask him and take the risk of potentially destroying our friendship?

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  • 11 years ago

    Before you ask him just check him on. whether he feels for you. whether he is always with you in everything. i mean in both when your happy and sad. if you feel like he is caring about you just go on... ask him... if you don't ask him you would suffer... so ask...

" To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others. "

- Madame Swetchine» Love Quotes

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Missing you is very painful.
I want to love you forever,
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