no trust

10 years ago

she loves me..but i doubt on her..what to do?she was in a very bad circle i made her a gud human..she says she can't live widout me..but i have doubt on her..i also love her..our relationship is from 7 months..and now she is in class new boys..i dn't think she will b wid me foreva..what to do..?

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" When I look into your eyes, brown like the chocolate you love, my soul suddenly cries, knowing I will feel no love. Then ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Love Of My Life

Author: Karen Man-ay★★★★★
The love of my life is u,ur the one who makes
my heart beats,ur the one
who makes me happy,i always wait for the time
to ask me that "I love u".
When i saw u smile u make me happy. ...(Cont.)