my love

12 years ago

hey, i'm siddhart n i like a girl in my school in my class but in other sec.i think dat she also like me bec when i luk her she also luk at me n simle. But i don't hav dare 2 say her dat i like her bec if i say her dat i like her n she say no dan i will get totally lost so.

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  • 12 years ago

    Girls love boys who propose to them boldly. So try to explain her that u luv her a lot. She wil surely accept ur luv.

  • 12 years ago

    Girls do ove it when a guy makes the first move, my advice...go for it! If she turns you down there is always tomorrow! Good Luck!!!! xxxxx

" love is like 'i am sorry'. U have to say it every time. "

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Author: Destiny★★★
I gave him my heart and trusted him. He said
he loved me I trusted him. You saw it and
tried to stop it but I trusted him. You
helped me pick up the pieces of my shattered
soul. I looked around but I couldn't find my ...(Cont.)