More than just a crush...

9 years ago

I go to a tech high school. They have shops. I want dental shop. I'm a freshman. I was in dental shop and i met this boy who's a senior <3 totally dreamy. He cleaned my teeth lol.. and then i talked to him for a little. I asked him if he had a twin (which he did) and i asked him if it was him or his brother that was dating this pretty girl (it was his brother but he said they broke up). then he said that they're both "single as fuck" I find it so attractive that he wants to be a dentist and that hes in honors classes. and also he's so cute. He doesn't seem to me that he's a ladies man, but he does have a lot of girl friends and a lot of friends. I added him on facebook that night and i said hey! and he never answered so i kiddingly said "baby i know you saw that message(;" and he answered sorry lol ive been really busy lately. i told him i was kidding about that message, then he said he knew but he is busy and then i said haha i understand and then he never answered.... My science teacher is one that you can talk to about a lot (not the understanding type, he just doesnt care what you say) so i told him i have a crush on this boy & that he cleaned my teeth. My science teacher told him what i said. My crush said that he was gonna come visit me while i was there but he came to the class before i got there. <- my science teacher told me that but he lies sometimes. idk. my friend is friends with my crush and i told my friend that i like him a lot and my friend told my crush i LOVED him.. which im starting to feel like i do. We are getting out shops on tuesday which means ill be seeing him a lot. I really wanna be more than friends with him. We aren't even friends yet. How can i go about this? And do you think he wouldn't date me just because he's a senior and im a freshman? sorry this is so long thanks again (:

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