mmm.. confused

10 years ago

actually im really confused... the person whom i love knows that i love him.. buh he dont react ... i mean he dont feel or i really dont understand that why he do not respond me .. but he helps alot like if i tell him im in any kinda trouble he use to help me to get out of it.. i love him like crazy... nd i really want him in my life forever.. plzz telme that what should i do?

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  • pav
    10 years ago

    Hello ammy, few men are very expressive but few are not. How long have you known this person? Does he have a gf? He might be helping you because he feels responsible as you are his dear friend...(you are lucky to have a friend like him). The point is does he see you...the way you see him?
    Let him know about your feelings, try to get an answer from him. Otherwise who many days/years will you wait secretly admiring/loving him? if someone else takes him away from u, before its too late u gotta take a chance. I dont advice u to propose your love,all u you have to do is, tell him wt u feel without ruining ur friendship....... ALL THE BEST AMMY. :)

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