mixed emotions .

10 years ago

I have been hurt a lot in the past. I recently starting dating this guy that i have been friends with forever, and i know we are both very happy with each other, but just like every other relationship there is something in my head saying " oh , are you sure he's not cheating like the rest" or something horrible like that and i dont know what to do because i dont want this to ruin our relationship and its not fair to him. I know deep down he isnt doing anything wrong i have just been hurt so much that im used to it so its hard to beileve that someone isnt actually hurting me. what do i do , i just want us to last and i just want to stop with this nonsense.

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Love Poem - The Ugly Heart

Author: Ally★★★
There i was standing infront of the most
uglest heart i've ever seen it was a humans
it looked like a fat lady that just found out
she was gonna get fatter cause she found
chocolate in her purse man that ugly heart ...(Cont.)