Missing the Love

11 years ago

She proposed me two years back and our love life went smooth. 3 months back she got job and went to Andhra. From the day she moved there, she slowly started avoid to spk with me and getting angry to me for no reasons.. usually she calls me atleast 50 to 70 times a day, but not even a single call a day.. Since she is in training i cant call her back often, so il wait till she returns to her hostel and then if i call she will tell she is sleepy or she is having test next day or some other work.. Once i cudnt bare this and i asked her then from tat day she started hating me like anything.. Im really depressed alot losing my happiness and health day by day.. Today I cant find the love in her for me as it was before.. Really helpless..

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" Didn't you know that people hide love like a flower too precious to be picked ? "

- Wu Ti» Love Quotes

Love Poem - *****everyday Love****

Author: The word farmer★★★★
i love you today,
i loved you yesterday,
i will love you tomorrow,
and will love you in the future,
you are my everyday love, ...(Cont.)