MAKING OUT MESS UP ! 4 my friend

10 years ago

what should i do if im scared ill make out with him and mess up ? :( if i do it and mes uo then he might laugh at me and go tell his friends and stuff but then again he may not...i just dont no what to do :(

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  • Pav
    10 years ago

    hi Amber,

    This is a common fright everybody has, don't you worry about it at all.
    do what you have/can do. live in the moment and enjoy. don't be tensed , it always turns out to be great.

" The perfect love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post. "

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Love Poem - Loving Him

Author: Caitlyn lajuette★★★
loving him is like a fat boy loving cake...
but then agian loving him is like loving a
new born puppy and its real and joyful i love
him for who he is and thats why i love loving