love issues

12 years ago

my boyfriend lied to me the whole time we were dating and we were dating for 2 months and i found out and i broke up with him and i don't know what to do i like someone else but idk if i should move on or not plz help

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  • 12 years ago

    hai frnds me reshma i loved a guy seriously as he was evrythng to me love started in 7th std for all it might be an infactuation or puppy love bt fr me i know how my love was to him i couldnt take my eyes off him bt he said he doesnt need me and went from 11 th std am waitng fr him ....but he has loved 3 girls till now and i am upset regarding tis issue ...but though i find more mistakes in him i cant hate him @ any cost still waiting fr the 1 day were he gonna cum and express his love towards 1 can keep him happie as i keep him.....its paining lot...i have tried to talk to him many times but he is hesitating ... but i know 1 thing if he sees me he will shurely change little bit....tats y he is hesitating to meet me... pls kindly give your advices frnds... all i want is only him him him him

  • 12 years ago

    2 months you were true rite so make him relise wat true love is all about ...

  • 12 years ago

    well i had a crush on a guy and last night he asked me out so now were dating and i know he'll treat me right and not lie to me unless he doesn't wanna hurt then i'll understand thx fro the advice and hang out with the guy ya like and talk and maybe ask to go on a date and a perfect date for ya would be picnicing under the stars going to the movies or just hanging could be a date ya never know he could like ya but don't change if he likes you then he likes you for you not ya looks trust me my friend liked someone and he liked her back but she thought that if she changed her look he would ask her out so she did and he asked her out but said i like you for you not your looks so DONT change for him

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Author: Madcock★★★
I Almost Let You Go
Everything you say is making it hard for me
to walk away,
i do love u in every way,
but when you're depressed idk what to say. ...(Cont.)