love failure

8 years ago

I m loving the guy frm past 9 years .I fighted with my parents to get marry to him .atlast I got green signal from my parents.then he went to his mom to take permission now she is not agreeing due to intercaste.she told to his son if he marry her I will commit suicide so he left me and went for away from me.even today I don't knw where he is from past 2 months. from past 9 years I struggle to give him good future he was very poor. now he was in gud position from all sides (even economically ) due to his mom he left me alone and went somewhere.last mail by telling we will be gud frnds I cant marry u .it is love.

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Author: Roxxi★★★
I want a guy who calls me beautifl instead of
hot, who calls me back when i hang up on him,
who lays under the stars with me and litens
to my heartbeat, or stays awake all night
just to watch me sleep. The one who wants to ...(Cont.)