10 years ago

so im like super in love with this guy named jake, and i wonder if he loves me back? he is knew to our school and alot of girls like him but im i love, i wish he knew how hard i was falling for him.... but, my best friend likes him to:(( wat should i do?

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  • Pav
    10 years ago

    HI Shilloh,

    You got be in the race.....never mind how many girls like him... You just be different and make him notice you.....

    Good luck!

" i gave you my heart... and you broke it "

- annabel» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Until We Meet Aqain:(

Author: Deonshaey ★★★
- this lnq distance thinq is killinq m3h
but im puttinq forht a qreat effort to try
and keep it qoinq !!
. . idk wat im doinq on this website ; but
idc about bloqqinq my luv 4yu :) ...(Cont.)