i need help plzzzz help mee i am soo lost

12 years ago

heyya i need help on this i meetin this boy and i no he for 5 years and i really like him and i met him the other day but i dont no if playin me about but he said he isnt i belive him when he said it his in my class i really like him we get along sooo well we always talk and he always sticks up for mee and l i dont no i he really likes mee but i like him sooo wat would i doo do i ask him out are just keep meeting him are wat

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  • 12 years ago

    my heart doesnt feel 4 any1 ........ ii m lacking in loving others.......... my frd say i dont hve any feeling 4 any1..... my parents tooo........ i m fedup...........of my self

" Every now and then i think about you and all i can do is smile "

- Unknown» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Why Do We Get Nervous

Author: Alondra Padilla★★★★
have you ever wondered why you get nervous
when you see the person that you love ?well
its because you love that person so much
that you do not know what to say when you
infront of them because your afraid you might ...(Cont.)