I need help badly

11 years ago

Hi, my name is Rory. Ive made many bad mistakes with my lover. We have been with each other for about a year now. When we first started going out, I got a little too drunk one time and told her about past girls i have messed around with. I've told her how horrible i feel about what i said, that these girls don't mean anything to me, and how much i love her, but she is still disturbed by it. Right now we're in the middle of a long distance relationship, I'm way upstate at SUNY Potsdam and she is at NYU. I told her that I'm planning on transferring into a CUNY next year, but until then i feel like I'm going through withdrawal and i have a grand fear of this pain. She has recently told me that she doesn't want the label of being a girlfriend any more because it is too much stress for her. However, she said she is still in love with me, and will never love anyone else but me. I still feel heart broken by this, i just want to bond with her as much as possible, i want to put value behind my words. We were planning on getting married and having children, and i still want to. I just don't want to lose her, but being so far away i can only do so much for now. What should i do?

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  • 11 years ago

    either dump her or dnt drink.wt did u do with the othr grls??wt yr age

" I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you. "

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Love Poem - I Love U So Much

Author: Yoga★★★
u promis me evrything u say.
cuz i love u so much.
i wish r hearts can come and join togather.
baby i love u
y dont u get it ...(Cont.)