I'm in love with my cousin

10 years ago

I'm in love with my first cousin once removed, she's 8 years younger than me , but I love her with all my heart and soul. I'm not sure if she feels something for me, cuz she toll me even if she felt something she would never do anything about it cuz we're family and she respects that. What should I do ?

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  • Mia
    9 years ago

    Okay, Vinc fist off you can't really be in love with your cousin i mean it your COUSIN she most likely won't date you don't be stuck on love. go find your real soul mate, and you may not think much about this im not an expert im a soon to be a pyschrogist but im only 13 but come on man !** shes your cousin ! find your true soul maaateee !

  • 9 years ago

    vinc how old r u? try 2 foucus ur attention sumwhere eles cuz da more ppl kno bout dat ....... its juss embarrsin 4 real!!!! i mean u can love ur cuzin as a family but theres another gurl out there 4 u n ur cuzin aint one of dem!!!! maybe sum gurls in ur class r cute (no homo) ask dedm out or sumything.......

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