i'm a scorpio and he's a gemini. incompatibility?

11 years ago

what do you think? incompatible? yeah i know and i'm gettin sick of reading all those curses to gem-sco couple. i'm a 18 year old sco girl and he's a 26 year old gem what do you think? he was the one flirting me and at first i ignored him but by the time we spend together i was really hooked to him! now i fall to him so deep and you know how gemini goes, they tend to get bored so quick and i feel like he leaves me. oh man i really love him and i can't forget those moments we were together, he cared to me and for a sco girl like me it's the way too touching!

so shall i give it up or shall i keep going? we live so far away and just met once, but we talk everyday. it's just, sco girl like me can't stand of his in-stability and he can't stand of my possesiveness. deep down all over that, we love each other.

what should i do? i am gettin sick of holding my feeling for him. i don't know my sacrifices worth him or not.

he's not always be there, but i'm always be there for him. and i think it's not a big deal. what makes me sick is, they're gettin bored quite quick, and i can't stand not being the one.


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  • R
    11 years ago

    hey....its not fare to love a person who is much elder than u.both of urs interest will be different...so my part of view is to leave him....don't be so possessive on him..its not good for u.. u r a school girl...so say what u r.....don't get into any trouble......as a frnd my advice is to forget him...u will be living happy.........

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