i like this guy but hes BISEXUAL and im STRIGHT???

8 years ago

i really like this boy he very hot and i want to date him but hes bisexual and im not agents that at all but most what should i do?

ask him out or leave him alone

please pray for me and hope i get him as my boyfriend because he makes me laugh and smile and ive never felt this way for a guy and he really likes me and i like him so please PRAY FOR ME

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" no more words no more lies, let it before it dies, hear the words, hear the pain, the last of love ENDS in vain. Sweet ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Love Of My Life

Author: Karen Man-ay★★★★★
The love of my life is u,ur the one who makes
my heart beats,ur the one
who makes me happy,i always wait for the time
to ask me that "I love u".
When i saw u smile u make me happy. ...(Cont.)