i like some1

11 years ago

i like this boy really bady wee always met but i dont think its sersiy but i want it to be but i dont know is it are we just met now again i really like him i have for ages but i never told anybody about him i only just restanly met him buh he was drunk at once but i dont no to keep meetin him coz i really like him but i want to go with him really bady and i think my freind no but i dont want to stay anything cause didnt but i really want to it really confusioning mee plzzz help mee someone

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" " Tears of pain run down my cheek, Wishing I was able to hold the one I seek. Tears from my heart I cry, Left out ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Euphoria

Author: Jose Dagala★★★
By mere scent of your skin
That slithers into the air
Stillness always conquers me
Even in a Kafkaesque city. ...(Cont.)