I don't know if he likes me

9 years ago

I like this boy in my school from this dream I had but that doesn't matter.I met him on a field trip with MEO people.We became friends after that day then we never talk to each other for a long time but I'm always looking for him when he's playing ball and he's always looking for me.what do I do how am I suppose to know if he likes me...HELP ME I'M GOING NUTS BECAUSE HE IS SO HOT!(P.S. I'm the girl not the boy!)

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  • Mae
    9 years ago

    I don't know if he likes you but Wiki How might be able to, they have a page called 'How to tell if a boy likes you'. (It helped me even if it doesn't help you). Just look up 'how to tell if a boy likes me' in Google and Wiki How's page should appear. Hope this helps!

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