how to say that I want to my bestfriend how much I love him

9 years ago

I have always been in love with mybestfriend. About Two years ago we broke up due to his life schedule and mine we didnt time for each other and I decide it be better and less pain to just be friends and I was hpping doing that would good but since then I cant stop thinking about him and us and its driving me crazy cause I want to try again but dont know how to say what I want to incase he doesnt feel the same

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  • 9 years ago

    well i dont now much about love but you should try being friend and go from there thats how i learned more about my guyfriend just try never ever give up in love cause if you love him then go eazy with him idk hangout more i guess that always work with me,

" I would rather be alone than with someone who makes me unhappy "

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Love Poem - EveryDaay X

Author: Shannon ★★★
Everyday i think about you
even know you wouldnt think im
telling the truth, Hurnts to say i
will always feel this way hoping
one day you will feel the same