how to make a opposite person to feel for me

9 years ago

M in love with amit before he's response was like he likes me but from some months he's reaction are changed as I use to talk he use ti talk but not like before he use to reply as I msg he don't use to ignore but I want him to feel for me like I wish he should fall in love with me as soon as I love him like anything but the problem is I feel like he don't like me

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  • 9 years ago

    It's nice to have wishes but most of the time they don't com true. It sounds like he's not interested anymore, and you shouldn't be either. You feel like he doesn't like you? Probably cause he doesn't. Ignoring you pretty much sets the line that whatever you guys had before is done and over with. Move on and stop dwelling about this.

" My world is in better place because you love me "

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