how do i make sure

11 years ago

so theres this guy that ive been talking to for quite some time now. im currently in 12th grade and back in 8th grade he and my best friend like each other but it wasnt anything serious because we we little ha. but i have always had a crush on him ad things like that. but my best friend didnt care cause it was never serious, she actually encouraged it. me and him for as long a i could remember have been friend and over the summer her got in a great deal of trouble and went down the wrong path and i lent a helping telling him that i would be there if he eveer need and that kinda started we my feeling for him got serious. he's always been known as the player type but i felt that this time it was different. we hung out for the first time us to and he wanted to get physical and i felt it was wrong cause of my faith (which he follows too) and he wanted a friends with benefit relationship but i said no and he understood. i eventually did tell him i liked him but he never said i like you too but he said im just not ready for a relationship right now and told me not to worry. but lately he's been making plans to hang out with e but standing me and now he's been ignoring me. he also flirts with other girls openly when he know how i feel. what should i do??? should i let him know how i feel about everything? if so, how?

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" Love is not in our choice but in our fate. "

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