God I really need help

7 years ago

OK, so, I'm in love, for the first time ever. I swore I would never fall in love. But this is basically a horror story. I'm in love with the guy my friend dated for 7 months and had her first kiss with. This is also the guy that my Best Friend was in love with for 4 years, and she says she isn't anymore, but I know she's lying to me. He knows that I "thought I liked him". But he doesn't know the whole truth. I think about him constantly, every song, every picture, every word, just everything. And the best part of it is, I'm not even sure if we are friends anymore. Someone, PLEASE help me!

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  • 7 years ago

    If ur friend loves her don't be a f**king idiot, if ur friend loves her and u love her your just a moronic craphead

" The rose that you gave me has faded and wilted away... but the love tucked deep inside remains in my heart for ever. "

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love is like a rainbow
full of bright colours red green or blue
love is a special feeling
the way i feel about you