feeling lost in love

8 years ago

will Brian ever be true to me and love me . he came to me 7 months ago and told me he asked his wife for a divorce and we started texting and talking . The he was hugging me and kissing me. Then he stopped by my house . His wife had asked him for a divorce 3 years ago he talked her into counsling for the kids , now hee says he asked her for one. he wants to make it work for thw 9 year old , I have know Brian for 4 years and just started talking to him about 8 months ago. he is the first guy since my husband was killed 4 years ago,

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" When she was with me i Failed to search for a job, for a career.. She went away Now am searching for a best Love failure ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Love

Author: Saba khan★★★★
I am never alone
not because you are with me all the time
where ever U are but your soul is inside me. ...(Cont.)