Dunno whether i love her or not

9 years ago

Hey guys, This is strange but i need your help. This started about 6-7 months ago. She is in my class. She was dumped by her ex. I also had a similar background. So i used to make her feel better and help in forgetting her ex. During this time i had some feeling for her (dunno if it is love). I was somehow misguided by my friends and i proposed her too early. Initially she wasn't talking with me which is but obvious. Later we spoke and she told that she never had loved me coz she was still in love with her ex till death. After few days i felt she was ignoring me. When asked so she denied. She used to whatsapp me whenever i used to ask her anything. Apparently her father had a minor heart attack. So during those times i was consoling her and making her feel strong. Meanwhile she had stated me as her special friend. Now after i had a bitter experience with my ex, i wanted a change so i started to dream of her. After these incidents i told myself that i dont feel anything would go above friendship in this relationship. Now the real thing is whenever she meets me in class, she smiles and greets me well, but somewhere in my mind i am unable to forget her maybe. Whenever the lectures are going on i keep looking at her and then realize that it is of no use.

My only request to all is to help me out of this dilema. I dont know whether it is my love that makes me attracted towards her or something else. If anyone could help me out with this it would be greatful. Thanking you

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" If loving someone is madness i,m happy when people call me mad "

- Anonymous» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Blue Teddy

Author: PumpkinLookinTeddy★★★
I gave you a blue teddy bear
not too long ago
I already knew
It wasnt the kind of gift you wanted
But you still hugged it ...(Cont.)