5 years ago

I have this HUGE crush on this boy in my class, but unfortunately, my two friends like him as well. He pays more attention to my best friends then to me and I'm just standing here in the corner and shyly waving to him. The awkward thing is , we have the classes so it's hard to avoid him. My friend warns me about him and teases him about liking two girls at the same time (Me and my friend). So what do I do to stop my self from getting crushed from my crush.

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" There was once you and me but now it's you and her. And when i think about you and her I just cry in the night and smile ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Numb

Author: D.Fisher★★★
My lies and actions,
Untruths and contradictions,
throwing at you like daggers.
A selfish soul,m only prize,
your anger and hate only to rise, ...(Cont.)