Confusion...please help!

10 years ago

Okay, i've had a huge crush on this guy for...a few years. He's smart, he's beautiful, he's athletic and he's really nice to me. He's my econ. teacher's son, and I don't know what to do. I'm a nobody. It gives me a thrill just when he smiles at me...and I know how pathetic that is. What do I do about it? I'm a no one...and he's everything. A friend of mine told him that I loved him (I'm not even sure that it is love...but I do feel strongly for him, I know that much)! We met when I was having this really bad panic attack before I auditioned for something, and he noticed me! He stopped and talked to me, told me I was going to do great; I'd heard it before...but with him...when he said it, it was different. From then on, he let me talk to him, follow him around. Then he moved to far ahead of me in school, and I didn't see him again for 3 years...we have art class together now, and I knew it was him immediately! He remembered me...and he tells me how cool my work is, and asks my opinions on what I read (I bring a stack of books to class, people call me the walking library). One of his friends ran into me in the hallway, and called me...something not so nice. He told him off and apologized for me. I don't know if it's some kind of big brother complex going on or what, but I need advice on what to do please!

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