8 years ago

i really like this guy a lot and he said he liked me back one night and our conversation was: me: let me guess she told you (she being my friend) him: nope i guessed me:wow pretty good at guessing him: yep took a while me: actually not that long him: really did she tell you (she being my friend again) me: tell me what? him: idk that i guessed me: nope him: kk me: yea but im guessing you do to him: to what me: really -.- (im awkward and was embarrased to say it) him: like you ... yes

so that was our convo that happend about a month ago before summer break but now he is just calling my friend saying he doesnt know what to do and is to scared to talk to me so i tried texting him hey and he never responded and then he is not really talking to my friend anymore and when she brings me up hes to embarassed to tell her .. but then she said she is not telling me stuff and idk what to think ... i need help does this kid actually like me or is this all just a games because i actually like him but i hate that i havent talked to him for almost 3 weeks now... any help?

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  • Pav
    8 years ago

    Hey Stephanie,

    From your convo, i recon he likes you. but he is too confused and kinda immature, if i were you, i would try to talk to him directly on ph (not text) or atleast try to meet him to see everything is alright.....

    But if he does not text you back or even talk to ur friend..then i guess he is just a passing cloud and you must take it easy..."its not meant to be" Steph...u know wt i mean right?

    Takecare Steph :) Pav

  • 8 years ago

    hey pav thanks for the advice its just hard to talk in person cause i dont know how to find a way of seeing him in person and i get really nervous sometimes...

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