Can I receive advice??

8 years ago

I have a crush on this kid in school, he acts cool and hangs out with silly boys but he is kind of rude to everyone but me and we are friends but most of my friends think he likes me... He is a bit shorter than me but that's ok and he's also Hispanic. His name is Edin.. He also helped me in very nice and compatible ways.. But I swear I always feel hot and sweaty when i approach him but he never notices. Since one side of myself is tomboy he hangs out with me a lot and so do other dudes. Though I wish I could get him to like me.. I really need help.

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Author: Ryan Sawyer★★★
When first I met you in my dream that day,
I'd never felt so comfortable before.
And when you looked into my eyes that way,
I knew you were the one I've waited for.
And now, by chance (or fate!), that dream is ...(Cont.)