breaking up

11 years ago

i am no longer in love with a boy and i don't know whether i should break up with him?shoul i go out for him for a lie or stay with him?

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  • Pav
    11 years ago


    Any strong reason for vanishing of ur love? my advice is, plz come clean with the boy. what ever reason you want to say to him prepare well. it hurts less when you break up in good terms.

    Or one day when u fall in love with someone else(which is bound to happen). you might end up cheating on the present boy. which will hurt him a looooooooot... so choose which hurt you wanna give.


  • 11 years ago

    Break up with him through a text, So you don't have to see his horrible face. He probably doesn't feel the same way about you. You can most likely get any girl/guy you like. You deserve better.

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