BIG problem

11 years ago

Want to start a new topic? Type your message here next year but something went terbly wrong i had a miscarge in april sence then everything went down hill he spens the whole time in front of the pc when i want to give him a hug he saya im anoing him when i talk to him about it he says im imagening it i dont know what to dao anymore help! i dont think love will help us this time i cant get throug to him when i have time to talk to him he's to tired for anything

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  • 11 years ago

    He is probly realy depressed, he needs just a little space. Wait for him another month or 2. mabe he will cheer up! if not tell him that it might be time for you to move on!

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days passed by in just a matter of days
seasons went by in a matter of months
the sun came and set
the moon came and gone
but the moemories of u still lingers ...(Cont.)