Being played?

10 years ago

So i met up with some girl and we had a good time we made out and all that we like each other, she was going out with some guy and she told him that she likes me her ex got mad and told her to stop talking to me but she said no. but they broke up and about 3 weeks later we met and we fooled around she made the first moves, while we were making out and cuddling i told her i want to be with u in asking you out she pulled away and just thought for awhile and said IDK so the rest of the evening we spend it like if we were going out. but the nxt day she msg me saying what we did shouldn't have never happen i told her why not? she said cuz im taken i told her what really well u weren't holding back yesterday she said sorry and i havent talk to her since

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" True love begins when nothing is looked for in return. "

- Antoine De Saint-Exupery» Love Quotes

Love Poem - IF......

Author: JACKY★★★★
IF..... i know u earlier
you wont be hurt by him
BUT IF..... u r been hurt by him
i will be there for you
IF..... im there for you ...(Cont.)