Am I getting played by the guy I love?

9 years ago

I have had a crush on this guy, hes 15(freshman) im 14(8th grade) we going to different schools but they are really close, are moms use to be best friends and he has known me since the day I was born, we use to be best friends then are parents got in a fight and hated each other when we were about 5 and 6. We went 5 years not seeing or talking to each other now we are able to text and are moms and talking again but he only talks to me about once every 3 months, I have liked him since I was 8 when i ran into him in wallmart one time. I told him I liked him on my birthday and he said he kinda liked me but actually I love him. I feel like he plays me though, he will randomly text me like once every couple months acting like every things fine for about a day or two and i get my hopes up thinking something will happen between us. But then he just stops texting me back. The last time we texted he asked me for nudes and I said no, I feel like im being played by the guy I love:( I need help.

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  • 9 years ago

    You shouldn't let this "boy" take advantage of you. You are just 14 and have your entire life in front of you. If you really love him, muster up the courage to speak to him of your feeling. If he turns you down, do not feel disheartened, he doesn't deserve you. There surely is someone who loves you, and he is worth much more than this guy.

  • 9 years ago

    trued dat sister u gettin PLAYED get over him u dont love anyone yet ur only in the eighth grade so u dont need him and hes probably got an girlfriend and everytime they break up he needs someone else to go to (so he comes to you)srry its the truth but u r being played:(

  • T
    9 years ago

    He wants nudes? Girl, he is TOTALLY PLAYING YOU! You're only in the 8th grade! You still have 4 years of hs AND college:) to have all the fun you want! Let go of this fool and move on. Good Luck

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