am i correct ?

11 years ago

words from my him pls{{{{{i came across a girl in chat,unfortunately she was from my hometown,but she is in states now with her parents.i do not know why i had a interest over her.She is much interested in sex,But i don't.She started flirting me.I cant take it up,B'coz am in a environment which is much oriented towards tradition.I never come across any girl like her.I too love to do like her.i am afraid of it.i cant trust her.she wants me to do sex chat.i too did,becouse i loved her.once again she asked,i told no.she went for some website where they do sex frnd was a member of it.he knows about my interest over her.he saw her there,and asked for the reason for coming that sight,she replied as for sex chat.he just disconnected her from him.
He explained me about the incident happen that night,that she was there for sex chat.
i was totally helpless,n i was teased badly by my frnds.i felt shame of that incident,then next day,i told her that i am leaving internet and all these stuffs, behalves of my studies......there was no reaction in her......i was longing to be with her.but at end i came to know that i was not with the right i correct in my actions???????}}}}}

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" love is something which we see through our eyes immensely. "

- Anonymous» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Loving You

Author: Velda★★★
love is being close to you
love is you say i love you
love is the smile on your lips
something that i never want to miss
love is you and me ...(Cont.)