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Love between the two in relationship obviously means that each one selflessly has concern for the other partner; they show it by seeking his/her benefit in all matters. Some relationships continue well but some couples need to make definite major changes in their relationship for it to continue.

The root cause of a breakup of a relationship is the selfishness that erupts in the heart of one or both partners; the love factor which was in the relationship diminishes over a period of time. Here are fifteen reasons as to why marriages/ relationships break up.

  • Love for money more than love for the partner: A partner may love money so much that he never has enough to spare so as to share out with his/her partner. For couples before marriage, only one partner may be paying for all outings they have together or purchases made together so that the financial burden even in petty matters is not shared. This is asking for a breakup in a relationship as it becomes very dry without spending money on each other (which shows love for one another). In a marriage, if the finances are not shared equally or if there is financial secrecy or any stress in financial matters like heavy debts which one partners cares less about, it can sour the marriage bond, ending in a breakup.
  • Disregard/hatred/rudeness towards one’s family members and/or friends: Spouses or partners in a relationship can be insensitive to the feelings and emotional bond with each other’s friends or family members. They are belittled when in company of other people or the spouse is not allowed to keep in touch with them; all means of communication may be cut off like emailing, phone calls or even snail mails. Such behavior devastates the person under attack psychologically and s/he finds it difficult to cope up with the situation, asking for a split up of the relationship.
  • Desire for independence in finances and/or otherwise: These days, because of heavy rise in prices in all commodities of life, a man’s salary may not suffice to fulfill the various family needs. For this reason, the wife takes up a job and brings her salary. The wife soon enjoys her job and her salary. Alongside, if the husband sees his wife’s salary coming in, either of them may soon demand freedom to shop and enjoy money the way they like. Similarly, in other matters, each one may prefer to have independence in whatever they do and revolt against any interference from the other spouse. Such attitude may soon end up in a breakup of the marriage.
  • Incessant arguments and quarrels: A marriage or a relationship may break up if either or both partners have frequent fights with each other and fail to understand each other, when each one wants to have his/her own way, never agreeing for a compromise. The arguments go out of control and they shout at each other, throw things at each other, and abuse each other.
  • Disproportionate sharing of the decision-making power: One partner may take the liberty to exercise more decision-making power for common matters like finances, vacations, household situations and the like than his/her partner. Usually it is the male who behaves this way because of the ego in him, but a female may also behave similarly. Such imbalance in sharing the common power in a relationship may cause a breakup of a relationship or even a marriage unless the other partner is given equal right to make decisions.
  • Jealously in a relationship: Jealousy can cause great devastations in a relationship/marriage. A man or even the woman may feel that s/he is getting less attention than s/he ought to get which s/he discovers is being filtered out to someone else, even an in-law in a marriage; it can trigger a breakup in a relationship.
  • Repeated lying: A spouse or a partner may habitually tell lies to his/her spouse/partner. In such cases the right picture is never clear to the other spouse/partner. A constant attitude of lying can throw a relationship or a marriage into jeopardy and finally brings about a breakup.
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