Signs of a bad and failing relationship

You might be feeling a little down because you feel your spouse doesn't have time for you. You might be depressed that things were not the way how it was meant to be. You might be into a weak and falling relationship. Below are some symptoms of a falling relationship.

All healthy relationships have a common denominator and that is love. Love is manifested through emotions and feelings for each other by being kind and more concerned about the needs and desires of his/her partner than his/her own. Briefly, love is putting the other person before oneself, treating him/her as s/he would want to be treated.

Due to this behavior from each other, the two are constantly attracted to each other and enjoy being with each other more than with someone else and have a lot in common including the future. They both are constantly on each other's mind.

They are loyal to each other and compromise with each other if there is any disagreement or controversial issue between them. They share a common future. If the factor of love begins to lag in a marriage/relationship, then it is an obvious sign that the marriage/relationship is beginning to fail and will soon grind to a halt if not attended well in time.

Before the final breakup of a marriage or a relationship, the cracks in it begin to show up. Some of the warning signs of a marriage in jeopardy or a bad relationship are as follows:

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