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the ways in love you

Poem by : kristina conley
Submitted on : May 24, 2011
i say i love you because i cant live without you

i say i love you when times get rough because im afraid you will leave.

i will miss u and i say i love you cuz i think u dont believe

i love u because you have always been there

i love you when there is no one left to love

i love you when i cant even smile


no one will ever change the way i feel about you and i want you to know these are the reasons why i love you.

please wait for me cuz the love we have is strong and i dont believe its fake i think its real.. please always love me and never forget about me... thank you for always being the one to help me.
and dont ever ever ever forget i loved u the most


the ways in love you was submitted by kristina conley On May 24, 2011

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